Monday, May 31, 2010

Swimming Fun

Kenneth is on duty today and we miss him! We did our best to have a fun day anyway. Carly and I chatted about what today was really about. I think she kind of gets it. We had a fun lunch and then some swimming. Anna and I are worn out but Carly is still going full speed ahead. I changed things up a bit with Anna today and am trying having her wear her pump/backpack and doing feeds during the day and we will skip it tonight. If this works then great! I have not noticed that she has taken any more or less orally today than any other day. That has been my fear with daytime feeds- that it would diminish what little appetite she does have. If it does not work we shall survive anyway. If it does indeed work than I will have to see if the daycare would be willing to work with the pump. I know that is asking a lot but I am hoping they will accommodate. Hope you had a great holiday! Thank you so much to all the soldiers past, present, and future whose sacrifice allows us to live in this wonderful country! God Bless America!

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