Friday, May 14, 2010

"Life Support"

What a difference a day makes! The Dr's office just called and Anna's repeat labs were a little better. We will be starting her on iron. AHHHH, finally a problem with an easy fix. I just tube fed Anna with Pedialyte last night and she did fine with that. I wanted her to get a few calories but I was so overtired and just not up for any middle of the night vomit. I'll go by after work and pick up the iron and get her started. On a much lighter note, I must share a fact with you. It has to do with country folk and having their loved ones in the hospital. If their loved ones are on the ventlilator if must be referrred to as "life support" or they will not understand. For example, we have a patient who has been on the ventilator for about a week. The family is super nice but has approximately 10 teeth between all 20 of them. The daughter came up to the desk today and says,"Is my daddy on life support?" "Yes," the nurse tells her. "Oh, the daughter says. I thought that machine was just helping him breathe." I am glad I was not the nurse- I had to walk away and chuckle. Last time I checked breathing and life do go hand in hand...

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  1. Sorry Anna isn't feeling well. Sucks when kids are sick--even worse when you can't figure out why.

    That's a funny story about the "life support." When I taught you couldn't say "lie." You had to call it a "story." Same thing, but the word "lie" was offensive, but story was OK.