Wednesday, May 5, 2010


If you are the charge nurse in ICU and get called to a code 15 minutes into your shift and then after working on the patient for 45 minutes before finally getting a sustainable pulse back and then you move the patient to ICU and they code again and in the midst of the code the power in the hospital goes out and you are running on a generator which does not run the air conditioner and you code the guy for another 30 minutes before getting him back and you are sweating like crazy and in the midst of that you have an internal and external disaster drill and have to send some of your nurses to ER to triage and have 2 of your nurses fighting and yelling at each other in the break room while you try to diffuse the situation, your name would be Jamie, you would be the official @*it magnet, and this would describe how your day started. It did not get better from here. I had a few drinks after work and will officially be going to bed now because I am suffering from exhaustion and about to collapse from the weight of the @*it magnet I carried around all day. If you need me you can find me in my bed, but only for a few hours, because I have to get up early and do it again. I love my job!

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