Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Promise Walk

The DFW Promise Walk for Preeclampsia was held today. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing some old friends and meeting others for the first time. Are you aware that every 6 minutes a mother and her unborn child face serious consequences because of preeclampsia? I also learned some other things I did not really want to hear but am glad I did. Having had preeclampsia raises my risk of heart disease to that of a pack a day smoker even if I am in perfect shape otherwise (which I am not). It made me aware of how diligent I need to be in matters of my own health. The DFW walk raised over $10,000 alone and there are walks also being held all across the US in the next coming weeks. I pray that someday, somehow this disease will have an end! Thank you again so much to those of you who donated!!!

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