Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm A Lobster

Kenneth and the girls headed out to the lake yesterday morning t o meet with his family and friends and I met them there after work. We camped at the Johnson Branch of Ray Roberts . We had a blast. Carly went fishing and caught her first fish. She was so proud and did not want to throw it back. She wanted Uncle Wayne to "throw it on the grill and cook it so I can eat it." She obviously has no clue about what goes on before we can eat fish. She wanted it on the grill while it was still wiggling and trying to get away. In her usual safety patrol fashion she coated herself with sunscreen on more than one occasion without having to be prompted by us. She got a beautiful tan but no sunburn. She didn't much care for swimming in the lake. She is afraid of drowning and does not quite grasp the concept of what the life jacket will do for her. Once she got past her fear of drowning she was then afraid the fish would bite her. It isn't just a healthy fear, it is more of a panic. I'll have to work on this one. Anna enjoyed herself as well. She was passed from one person to the next and just smiled as usual. We kept a baseball cap on her and sunscreen and I am happy to say she did not burn either. I on the other hand look like a lobster. It was really my first time out in the sun for any length of time this year and I don't think any amount of sunscreen would have stopped this burn. I tried but failed miserably. We got home and then Carly went over to play with Kenzie. They played in Kenzie's pool with her brothers. I was over sitting outside and talking to their mom when one of the boys turned on the water hose and drenched us. The war was on. By the time it was all over we were soaked and all pretty close to peeing our pants from laughing so hard. Kenneth grilled fajitas and we ate like pigs- again. The kids were both asleep and in bed by 7:15 and I think Kenneth and I will soon follow. Happy Fathers Day to any dads reading this. Hope you had a great one.

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