Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Courtesy of Dr. Miller

I got the greatest phone call this morning. I was on my way home from taking Carly to "school" and my cell phone rang. I did not recognize the number and silenced the phone but then something told me to answer it. I answered it and it was Debbie from Sooner Start. They got Anna's records from Dr. Miller and the records stated in black and white "cerebral palsy" so Anna is now qualified for services based on her medical diagnosis. We do not have to wait for 3 more months. I was so excited and could not thank Debbie enough. This is obviously not Dr. Miller's first rodeo because he knew exactly how to word things to get us the services we so desperately need. I had a perma-grin all day. The OT came out as promised and brought Anna's hand splints and her Bumbo chair. Yes, I know the Bumbo has been recalled so need to email me. The recall was mostly due to crappy parenting rather than a design flaw with the chair itself. I get so sick of parents who suck at parenting and then blame and sue everybody else for their stupidity. I mean really, if you place your child in a walker at the top of a flight of stairs is it really the walker's fault when your child tumbles down the flight of stairs? Stupid people get on my nerves. Anyway, enough of that tangent. So the splints are not near as cumbersome as I expected and Anna does not seem to mind them. She actually enjoys chewing on them. She does a good job of sitting in her Bumbo and is so proud of herself. I will try to get a picture of her in it and of her splints tomorrow and post it. I meant to get to it today but in the usual Jamie fashion, I ran out of time. I had to take Anna back to the Dr. today. Anna was still having fever and now coughing and wheezing and the antibiotics did not seem to be helping. So she has an ear infection on top of the bronchitis. She has new antibiotics and will have a repeat chest x-ray in the morning to make sure her lungs are not worse. It was such a weird thing- Kathy (OT) said she and Debbie would really like me to talk to the new neuro about some genetic testing for Anna because they think there is more going on than CP. I am all for the testing. Then at Dr. Klein's office he suggested we go see an endocrinologist and have testing done. He also feels we may need to look deeper. They both brought this up without knowing the other was thinking of it. So we will be taking Anna to an endocrinologist at Cook Children's and pursuing that avenue now also. The genetic testing could tell us a lot or it could tell us nothing- either way we have nothing to lose. It could tell us if she does have Angelman Syndrome and I could either know that is what it is or quit worrying about it if it is not. What a concept- quit worrying. I realize worrying is insulting to God because he already has things under control and does not need my help but I just can't stop. I had hell getting Carly to bed tonight. She went to sleep FINALLY at about 11:15. She is always insisting that she just isn't tired and that statement is usually followed by a yawn. Anna is so blessed to have Carly for a big sister. Carly is just so good with her and proud of her. She saw Anna's splints and was so excited because Anna can suck her thumb now and use all of her fingers. Carly notices everything and is so proud of all of Anna's accomplishments. Carly keeps saying the Bumbo looks like an elephant's butt. I want to know when the last time was that she got a really good look at an elephant's butt. Kids are so funny. I thought I had to work tomorrow but I looked at the schedule and I am off. The schedule- what a concept. I should really look at it more often. Well, my 3 cheese stuffed jalapenos are ready and calling my name so I must submit. I'm sure a good case of heartburn awaits me- who cares, they are yummy!

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