Monday, June 2, 2008

AHHH, Quiet Time

Time in the morning to do something besides chase my tail- what a concept!! I am going in to work late today and I got up in enough time to deal with kid issues but so far there are no kid issues so I have some peace and quiet for myself. It is so refreshing to have quiet. It seems there is always somebody talking or the tv on or some sort of noise and I miss the days of quiet. Don't get me wrong, I love to be around people but sometimes I just need peace and quiet. It is so much easier to gather my thoughts that way. We had a pretty good weekend except for Friday. Friday held another disagreement between Kenneth and I. They seem to be coming closer and closer together and I hate it. We used to not fight and rarely disagreed and now it seems that is all we do. I know marriage is supposed to be work but geez, this is wearing me out. I know he has to be worn out and worn down also. There are just so many issues going on between us and every time we seem to find a do-able solution to one something else rears its ugly head. For better or worse has taken on a new depth I never imagined sinking to. For us it was usually for better and that was so nice and easy. Now it is for worse and I do not like that so much. Anna was cranky Friday and Saturday but finally returned to her smiley self yesterday. Carly was great all weekend. Kenneth was on duty yesterday so the girls and I went to church. Our preacher is incredible. I love that he is so honest and not afraid of offending people by preaching the truth. I think sometimes people need to be offended in order to "get it." He is unashamed and so full of truth. I wish there were more people like him. We are so blessed to have a preacher like him in such a rural area. I guess I better shovel in a few bites of breakfast and then get Carly up and dressed for school. Hope this day finds you well. If you have a few spare moments today and tomorrow please pray for my friend Dana. Pray for peace for her and her family. Thanks!!

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