Sunday, April 1, 2012

365 And Some Change

How did Gabe get to be one already? I don't know. His first year was a whirlwind! He actually turned a year old on February 24th but we were all dealing with the flu and didn't feel much like celebrating. We ended up having a little family party on his due date- April 1. I was a hesitant to order a cake from a bakery because of the whole peanut allergy thing so I ended up making him some sugar cookies with icing. He loved them and in hindsight I wish I would have done the same for the girls. It was easier for him to handle and eat. At a year old he is 18.8lbs. He can say dada, mama, kitty, and bubble. He cruises the furniture and will stand alone for a brief second but doesn't seem all that interested in walking. Crawling is much faster! His favorite food is a donut hole which his sweet babysitter Christy brings him everytime she keeps him. He still sleeps all night- usually for 11-12 hours (yes, it is heaven)! He is the baby everyone dreams of having. And it's a good thing we got him because he is no doubt our last!!
PS- I ordered a book for Carly called "Views From Our Shoes" and it arrived today. It is full of essays written by children who are the siblings of special needs children. It explores their feelings about being the sibling. Carly has really been able to open up about some feelings after reading that other kids feel a lot like she does. If you have a special needs child with a sibling this is a MUST BUY!! Next stop...Sibshops!

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