Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Sigh Of Relief

I guess I totally forgot to update about Anna's appointment and the pre-k development. Seeing Dr. Hernandez always makes me feel better. No matter how stressed I am he is able to put things into perspective and remind me how far Anna has come from where she began. He said that although Neurontin is not his first or even second choice of a drug for seizure control but since she was already taking it he thought it would be better to manipulate it first before trying anything else. If that did not work then we would abandon it and add a different medication. If that didn't work we would begin to discuss more drastic steps like neurosurgery. Luckily the medication increase is working for the time being. It took about 3 days and then Anna's personality seemed to return to what it was before the last seizure storm started. She is back to laughing and giggling and just overall being the silly girl we are used to. That whining, crying, sleepy kid went away and I am so thankful. She was about to push me over the edge and I know she felt bad too. I saw a sign at the school about the "Pre-K Round-Up" so I called to get the details. It turns out we will have to pay $100/month (which is WAY CHEAP) for Anna to go to Pre-K in our district. It is a 1/2 day Monday-Friday program. There will be space for her and I am so glad. I was able to mark that off of my list of worries also. I'm thinking the afternoon program will be best for her because her tegretol knocks her out in the morning. I know that when she starts full day school this will not be an option but I'll take it while I can. So yay for good news!!

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