Sunday, January 16, 2011

Old Yeller

We went out to eat after church. Apparently it was too much excitement for this one to handle. She passed out before we even got our food.

Once a daddy's girl, always a daddy's girl!

Looking adorable before church

No, not the book or the's me. I have become a yeller. I never wanted to be one. I promised myself I would never be one. That is not the type of parent I ever aspired to be. That was not the type of discipline I ever intended to use. As I lay around trying to keep Gabe growing as long as possible I find myself growing increasingly frustrated with my inability to get up and take control of my kids' behavior. So I yell at them because it is what I can do to discipline them right now. It isn't working, not at all. I was lying around watching SuperNanny (there wasn't anything else on and I guess that turned out to be a good thing) and there was a dad on there who was a good dad but just kept yelling at his kids. It wasn't working for him either. In a flash I saw myself. So I am done. I am done yelling. I woke up yesterday morning with a resolve to find some other way to handle things until I can get up and around again. So I stayed calm yesterday. When the kids misbehaved I calmly directed them to time out. And guess what? They went. And they stayed there for their allotted time. And their behavior was better yesterday than it has been in the past couple of weeks. I promise them and I promise myself that I will keep my mouth shut until I can speak calmly. I will not be a yeller.

My appointment last Wednesday went extraordinarily well. Gabe looked good. My blood pressure was high but acceptable for me. I was given permission to get out for a short outing a couple of times a week to maintain my sanity. I go back tomorrow for another appointment and ultrasound. I pray it goes as well as the last visit. Dr Cummings is going out of town next week so things have to stay OK at least until he gets back.

Kenneth continues to amaze me with all he has had to take on. He does it all around here and he does it with a smile. He seems unfazed by it although I know he has to be worn out. I thank God that I have such a wonderful man. I hope I tell him enough how much I appreciate all he does and how much I love him. I think back on how we met and the fact that we only dated about 2 months before getting engaged and then married 5 short months later. It seems crazy but it must have been right. I think when it comes right down to it we are just both committed to making it work. We never expected to walk through a minefield together but we have and we are stronger for it. I love you, Kenneth!

Some girls from work were so sweet and cooked us a freezer full of meals last week. When I say freezer full I am not exaggerating. Our freezer is literally full. They also brought all kinds of cereal and fruit and finger foods to make life a little easier since I can't really be up and around. They will never know how much we appreciate it! I am always amazed at the kindness of others. I hope that one day when I am up and about again that I can return the favor to them or at least pay it forward...

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  1. How sweet of your coworkers ! It's always nice to work with nice people! Yippee Gabe!