Monday, January 3, 2011

God Help Us

Long story short- I am pretty much on bedrest now. I am allowed to get the kids ready for school and take them and get them ready for bed at night but am pretty much supposed to be on the couch otherwise. I can still take them to their doctor's appointments and speech though. I had an unplanned OB appointment today with a blood pressure of 168/90 and an unrelenting headache since Saturday night. Gabe had a reactive heart rate on his NST but he would not really move around like Dr. Cummings wanted him to. He passed his BPP though. I escaped the hospital by the skin of my teeth. I am 28 weeks today. Please send as many prayers as you can spare that Gabe and I can hold on for at least another 4 weeks.


  1. One of my New Years resolutions was to start a prayer journal, and Gabe just made my list!

  2. Oh Jamie - so sorry to hear your on the couch now. You and Gabe have more time - I can feel it (I hated when people said that to me - but now I understand it!)

    Hope you have some good TV to catch up on!

  3. Been praying for you both everyday!

    Wendy Chambers