Tuesday, January 11, 2011


4 Wheeling Fun

Anna all bundled up to go out. Her eardrum ruptured a few weeks ago so momma
is uber paranoid about keeping it covered up.

The homemade sled (I really need a better zoom on my camera)

More Sledding fun

I had kind of an Eeyore day yesterday. Everybody else was out playing in the snow and I was stuck on the couch. I know it is better to be on my couch than in the hospital's bed, but still it was kind of a hard day. I hate missing out on fun with my kids. Oh well, there will be more good times to come. I am thankful to have a husband who gets out and plays with them. He took them all over creation on the 4 wheeler and then Carly and Makenzie requested a sled ride so my sweet husband went into his shop and quickly built them one. They had a blast on it and Anna just stayed on the 4 wheeler with Kenneth. He said Anna didn't stop smiling and laughing the whole time. Carly had fun too minus the few times she fell off and scraped herself on the ice. I was proud of her for just being brave enough to go on a sled. She has come such a long way with her anxiety!

I had to reschedule my Dr appointment for yesterday due to the weather. I will go tomorrow instead. Gabe has been busy kicking and having hiccups. He seems to be doing well. Although I know he will likely be here early unless things really change, I just have a really good feeling about him. I feel like he is going to be healthy no matter the gestation. I know he will need time to grow and learn to eat and stay warm and so on but I just really have peace. I do get really scared sometimes but getting past 28 weeks was a huge hurdle and I am feeling more peaceful as each day passes. I had some really hard times that I may have seemed pessimistic about him but after being blindsided with Anna I really feel like it was a protective mechanism. My attitude has really improved about him over the past few weeks and I pray I can stay positive. He needs me to!

Today was the first day of the new routine where my mom takes Anna to school and Kenneth's mom picks her up and will keep her until tomorrow. Kenneth will pick her up from there and take her to school. It went smoothly and I hope it continues to work as well as it has so far...

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