Monday, August 23, 2010

A Wonderful Day

I only wish the computer was able to relay the sarcasm in my voice in regards tot he title! So I was supposed to be in Denton (about 45 minutes from my house) by about 8 for my OB appointment at 8:30 this morning. Kenneth is on duty and our baby sitter was busy so my mother in law had agreed to watch the kids. She was going to meet me in town (15 minutes from my house) at about 7:15. So I got myself up and dressed and then got 2 sleepy kids up and dressed and we were in the car and ready to head out- right on time. I put the keys in and turned them and then click and nothing else. Nice. A dead battery and no husband at home which means no other vehicle at home to jump it off with. I locate the battery charger and hook the car up but it must have been really dead because it still did nothing. I am certain the humidity was like 99% because I was sweating like crazy. I called my mother in law and had her come to the house and pick us up. She dropped me off at the fire station where I got Kenneth's truck and headed off to Denton. I still had enough time to get there by 8:30- barely. I haul butt and get to Denton and get up the Dr. office. I felt such a sense of accomplishment that I actually made it there, on time, without a major hormonal melt down. I walk in the office and say to the girl at the desk that I am there for an 8:30 appointment to which she says, "uh yeah, about that, we tried to contact you and reschedule. Dr. C is going to be out of town all week." NICE! I explained to her that I realize that no amount of fit throwing will change things but that I am *really pissed* and that the ONLY phone call I received was the one confirming the appointment. She looks in the computer and says, "Oh, it looks like it was the other girl who tried to call you." Nice try at passing the buck lady, but I wasn't born yesterday. This is already the 4th problem I have had with this staff and if I didn't need this particular doctor I would be out the door. I have already had to call repeatedly day after day to get them to return phone calls about blood pressure meds and stuff. I think I will talk to Dr. C about this at my upcoming appointment. I don't want to be a pain in the butt, but I really need to feel like somebody is paying attention. After our last outcome I cannot emotionally deal with feeling like my needs are being put aside. I realize I am one of many but I am one of many for whom things went really wrong last time. I think sometimes the Dr ends up taking the blame for crappy staff. I know this doctor is good, it is his staff that are crappy! Anyway, so then she offers me an appointment on the 31st. I tell her I cannot do that day because my daughter has appointments at Cook's all day that day. She asks if I could reschedule those. OK, so you screw my appointment up and then want me to reschedule my daughter's appointments to accommodate your inability to do your job. Um, nope, not doing it. She then says OK, we can do September 1st. I agree to that appointment but will call ahead of time that morning to make sure nobody has tried to "contact" me to reschedule. I suppose they contacted me telepathically and my abilities are down at the moment, who knows. Anyway, I drive to BFE and pick my kids up and we head home. I pull Kenneth's truck up to my car and climb my big fat hot sweaty butt into the back of his truck and get the jumper cables. Keep in mind it is still 99% humidity but now also somewhere between 105-110 degrees outside and keep in mind I am pregnant and nauseated as hell. I am sweating like nobody's business but I finally got my car started. Oh, I forgot, as we were leaving my mother in law's, Anna seized or something and fell down a flight of stairs, backwards, on her head. Anyway, we take my car to O'Reillys and they test my battery and it is indeed bad so I spend $100 for another one and take it to the fire station and have Kenneth put it in and then take the old one back to O'Reilly's for my $12 credit. Finally, I get a huge iced tea and head home. My dad is coming by when he gets off work so we can take Kenneth his truck back so he can get home in the morning because I have a 7 am meeting at work. Nice huh?


  1. But you handled it all so well! You are no wimp!

  2. ok, how weird is it that our batteries died pretty much the same day. We also went to O'Reillys.
    Any time there is something wrong with the car, I know it's going to be a bad day. Don't get me wrong, I try to make it a good day, but it always seems like one thing after another when the car BREAKS (lol).
    you did so very well because I'm sure I would have been screaming and crying.