Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Dr. Out."

Everyday I think about blogging, but then I either fall asleep, or puke, or think about puking and blogging takes a back seat. I have been living on Zofran and hoping there isn't some sudden supply shortage because I might go off the deep end at that point. I have my first OB appointment tomorrow. I'll update about it afterwards. We had to go to Wal-Mart today and our timing could not have been worse. Tax Free Weekend is insane. If stores offered an "8.5% Off Sale" would anybody care? Nope, so why do they care so much about tax free, a mere 8.5% off? Is it just the feeling of sticking it to Uncle Sam or do people really think they are saving that much? Anyway, enough of that nonsense. Anna got promoted to the next class in day care. I am still not sure if I am ready for that, or if she is for that matter but we will give it a try. I am so comfortable with her current teacher and with her ability to handle Anna's special needs yet treat her also like she is "normal" enough. She doesn't freak out if Anna has a seizure. The new teacher is not just new to Anna but also new to the school and thus not used to Anna and all she entails. Like I said, we will give it a try, but if it doesn't work out I will not hesitate to have her moved back. Anna is still eating like a champ and keeps pulling at her button and saying "Dr. out, Dr. out." We see Dr. Ogunmola on the 31st and I guess we will discuss it then. Anna had never pulled at the button before but she is pulling at it like crazy now and I think if we don't get it removed she is going to pull it out anyway. Carly has one more week until school starts. She is actually ready to go back and misses her friends. I am ready too! I took her school shopping last week and oh my how her tastes differ from mine. Apparently she wants to grow up a little and I am really having a hard time accepting that. We are both learning to accept compromises that we can both live with. Ultimately it is my decision but I want her to also trust her ability to make decisions and I feel like if I disapprove of everything she picks out then in some way I am telling her she cannot make a good choice. Well, the bed is calling my name so I must go. Goodnight!

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