Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Tegretol

Dr. Hernandez's nurse called me promptly Monday morning and asked that we go on Tuesday and have a Tegretol level drawn. I had to work so Kenneth took her and got that done. The nurse called back today and said the level was in the low normal range so they increased her Tegretol in hopes of getting better seizure control. I hope it works! I also got a call from his office today to try and reschedule our appointment with him from August 31 to sometime in September. I am usually fine with that but not this time. They reschedule more times than not. I explained to the girl that Anna has new onset seizures that we are trying to handle over the phone and that I scheduled her other Cook's appointments around that appointment. She said she would email Dr. Hernandez and see what she could do. She called me back within a few hours and he agreed to still see us that day, just at a different time. I was so thankful!

We told Carly today that she has a baby brother or sister on the way. She was and still is beaming with excitement. I wanted to wait longer but the worse I feel, the less energy I have to do things with her. I want her to realize it isn't her, it is me. She was so sweet and told me how I should get a nap everyday now. I hope that kind and gentle attitude stays! Carly told Anna but I do no think gets it in any way. She went on talking about pancakes and butter after Carly told her. The kids are already in bed as we wind down the "summer hours" so I am on my way to lay my head down as well. Goodnight!

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  1. Oh, Jamie! I'm so happy for you. I'll pray, pray, pray everything goes well. Here's to 32 weeks! (Sorry, I'm a little behind the times. Starting to emerge from new babyness after nearly six months.)

    By the way, those pictures are gorgeous!

    Take it easy, girlfriend....I mean it:)