Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crackberry Saves The Day

Today has been an awesome Easter Sunday! The girls spent last night at their Meme's house and came home early this morning. We went to church and enjoyed a wonderful message. Then we went and had lunch at my aunt and uncle's house followed by an Easter egg hunt. I did so good today- I remembered everything I needed for church, our contribution to lunch, the kid's change of clothes, the diaper bag, sippy cups, Easter baskets, eggs... I remembered everything except the camera. Oh well, my Crackberry took a few OK pictures at the egg hunt so that is what you get. Cute pictures of them in their Easter dresses just didn't happen. But trust me, they were cute! The only thing that could have made today better was if Kenneth could have shared it with us. He is on duty but we went and saw him at the station and he will be home in the morning.

The girls spent yesterday at the lake with Kenneth's family. Carly took her bike out there because there are some bike trails. Her bike had training wheels and we have not really worked with her on taking them off. She apparently asked her cousin to take them off and he did. She then jumped on her bike and off she went...without the training wheels. I cannot believe she just did it all on her own but she did. She demonstrated for Kenneth and I tonight and it was no lie. She can do it!
Anna's surgery was scheduled for April 19th. My parents called today and wanted me to come over and "visit." I spend a lot of time with my parents but knew something was up when they called. My dad is quite transparent. I went over there and they very respectfully asked me if I would mind moving Anna's surgery. They are scheduled to leave 3 days after Anna's planned surgery to go to Italy, Greece, and Egypt for 2 weeks. My mom said she is afraid something will go wrong and they will be leaving. They also said they want to be available to help us during and after. I think it is nice of them to be concerned and their help with Carly will likely be needed and I want them to be able to enjoy their trip so I will be calling Dr. Black's office tomorrow to see if I can change the date to May 10. he scheduling lady is either a total heifer or was just having a really bad day when I talked to her last time so I hope she is nice about this...

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  1. What a great family! You are very blessed.