Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy 101

My friend Jill awarded my blog the Happy 101 Award!

Thanks Jill!

I get to list 10 things that make me happy and then get to pass this award onto other sweet blogging friends!

10 Things That Make Me Happy:

1. Knowing I have a Heavenly Father who loves me 100% of the time for who I am and also in spite of who I am.

2. Time alone with my husband. We both work weird schedules and work around each other's schedules so that one of us is always home with the girls. We get very few days off alone together and so I treasure those times so much!

3. My sweet girls! Where would I be without them? They keep me busy and on my toes but I cannot even remember what life was like before them. They have taught me more than I ever thought possible. They have shown me that my capacity to love is far greater than I ever could have imagined!

4. Phone calls and rare visits with my sweet sweet sister. She is my sanity! Even though the Army has put miles between us she is never more than a phone call away. I look up to her in every way and hope someday the distance between us will be less!

5. Diet Dr Pepper!!! When I was pregnant with Anna I had gestational diabetes and got hooked on them. I will not even admit to how many of them I drink in a 24 hour period- it is a serious addiction!

6. Sitting outside in the morning and listening to the birds chirping. Living out in the country has its benefits and this is certainly one of them! There are 2 nests of baby birds on our porch right now and I love to watch them learning how to fly.

7. Spending time with Joanne and Rachel. I could not ask for 2 better friends! They have helped me to make it through these past few years when there were times I did not think I could take another step. It is so awesome to not only have these awesome friends but to get to work with them too!

8. My job. I know that sounds crazy but in these times when jobs are scarce I am happy to have mine. I get to help people live and get to teach others how to die. I get to come in at some of the worst moments in people's lives and make them better. What could be better than that?

9. Sleeping all night long! After 2 years of getting up with Anna about every 3 hours I have really come to appreciate a good night's sleep. Thank God she has discovered the beauty in this as well- finally!

10. A beautiful sunset. It reminds me that even as things are about to get dark, there can be beauty in the situation!

I bestow this award to:

She is that sweet sister I referred to earlier. Her faith is strong and such an encouragement to so many! Her husband is currently serving in Iraq. She is a mother to 3 small children, works as a physician, and volunteers in her spare time... and she makes it look easy!

I met her through the blogging world. She has an adorable son Charlie. She makes me laugh and smile and even though we have never really "met" I am so glad to have her on my side!

I met her through the blogging world also. Her son Zach could not be cuter and has cerebral palsy also. She and her husband Nathan are amazing people!

I met Nicole after we both survived preeclampsia. Her sweet angel baby Cooper was lost to the disease but never forgotten. Nicole's life was changed forever! Nicole's strength is amazing and her work to prevent this from happening to other families is tireless!


  1. Awww... thanks, sis! I love you!

  2. Likewise my dear friend! I believe that we have all been a blessing for each other. I am truly thankful for our friendship.