Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prayerful Waiting

All went well with Anna's pyloric balloon dilation. Usually prior to taking the kid back into the OR they give them versed or "giggle juice" to make the parental separation easier. Anna has become such a pro at this that she didn't even need it. She just said "bye" and off she went. It isn't that I mind her having the versed but not having it makes the wake up from anesthesia much gentler for her. She did great. When we were allowed to go in and see her the only thing she was really distressed about was the pulse ox probe on her toe. It does not seem like she has had any pain. Dr Ogunmola said the ballooned area will probably swell today so not to expect to see any changes today but that if this is going to work then we will know it tomorrow. We will know it has worked if she tolerates a greater volume during her overnight feed without blowing up and vomiting. If it does work then I will call and cancel the surgery. Dr O said he expects the ballooning to last 6-12 months. At that time we would just repeat the procedure. She will probably need her button changed out about that time too so we can just do it all at once. If it does not work then he said there is really no other choice than to proceed with the fundoplication. I am prayerful and hopeful that we will see great improvement tomorrow. Since we have been home Anna has slept about an hour but is otherwise her normal crazy self. I thought maybe anesthesia would at least slow her down for the afternoon. Not so much!


  1. These kids are such pros! Glad things went well.

  2. I am thinking positive thoughts for you and your sweet girl.