Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Magic Potion

How Anna Eats Spaghetti
(It may be messy but at least she is eating by mouth!!!)

Carly Says She Got Braces Today
(I call it an apple slice)

Things are going relatively well in this household. Anna was moved up into an age appropriate class in daycare this week and is doing well. She has already made some friends and seems to be joined at the hip with a cute little girl named Avery. All of her little friends are potty trained and Anna sat on the "big girl potty" at school today. She throws a fit when you put a diaper on her and only wants Pull Ups like her friends wear. I am sending Pull Ups to day care tomorrow, we shall see how it goes. It is not easy to find Pull Ups to fit her. She has been in a size 4 diaper for about a year now. I bought the 2T ones, we'll see how it goes. I was not in any big rush to potty train her but if they want to do it at daycare then I am all for it! She continues to make strides in speech also. She was completely uncooperative for Brad today though. She just shut down and would not do anything he asked. Next week is spring break so she will get a week off and hopefully the next time we meet she will do better. She did get her first nasty looking rash around her button. The GI had just commended us on how good it looked and then it went to crap in no time. I could not tell if it was yeast or infection or excoriation or what. I had tried the remedies I knew of- steroid cream and butt paste and neither was helping. So I had an idea (scary, I know). We use this SilverKare stuff at work on wounds. It is a mist that is basically water and colloidal silver. It is an anti fungal , anti bacterial, anti everything which I thought was probably like snake oil. Anyway, I decided to use it since it does not burn and it wasn't going to hurt. Within 2 days her site was completely healed. This stuff is like Holy Water!! You can supposedly drink it daily too but I do not want to turn blue which is what I think eventually happens so I think we'll just stick to using it on Anna's button site and maybe cuts, scratches, scrapes, and stuff of the sort. Do you have any magic potions?

Carly is having her first cavity filled tomorrow. I called to inquire about whether or not they would use nitrous. They happily will, for an extra $130 that insurance will not cover. Ummm, no thanks. They called her in some Valium and we'll see how that works...(If it doesn't work maybe she'll bite the dentist and hopefully score herself a free puff or two of the gas anyway)

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  1. Oh, those g-tube sites are such an issue. We had some silver stuff too, but I don't remember what it was called. If worked, though.

    Sounds like Anna is doing sooo well!