Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun In Georgia

We are still in Georgia and really enjoying our time here. The weather has been beautiful and the kids have had such fun playing with their cousins. It snowed at home so I am so glad we are here. The flight here was not too bad but it could have been better. Anna was quite fidgety but all in all she tolerated it pretty well. Carly was great and has finally conquered her fear of flying. Last Monday night Anna vomited in the middle of the night during her feeds and about 2 hours later had spiked a high temp. Kenneth took her to the doctor on Tuesday because I was pretty sure she had aspirated. Our pediatrician was out of town so we saw one of his partners. He said Anna just had "the crud" and was fine. She continued to run fever and on Friday I had had enough. She was coughing and rattling and just not being herself. I had tried to take care of the problem before our trip but my efforts were in vain. I ended up taking Anna to an acute care clinic here in Columbus and thank God we had a very nice doctor. Anna's o2 sat was 93% and her chest x-ray showed she had bilateral pneumonia. Just as I had suspected- she aspirated. She was given 2 antibiotics and is starting to feel better. She is finally acting more like herself. We have a follow up appointment with Dr. Goff on Tuesday. I suspect that the fundo is now in our future. I realize how lucky we are that the pneumonia was not worse and that she tolerated things as well as she did. We might not be as lucky next time. I am scared. I do not want another surgery for her and I have read so many bad things about the fundo- about the retching and things like that. I have also read lots of good things about it but I am still scared. I will be praying for wisdom and peace about it and that the answer about what to do will be clear. We are about to leave for church and then off for more fun today. In the mean time I will leave you with some pictures from this trip...

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  1. I'm sorry I'm so ignorant--does the Fundo help with aspiration?