Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She Gets It

Anna's happiest moments come when she is contained in a small space, any small space.

I have often wondered what Anna thinks about her G button or if she ever even thinks about it. She does not have the words to tell me. I do not think it bothers her. She mostly leaves it alone except when it comes open she closes it. I do not know how it feels to her when it is open. I don't know if it feels weird or if she just knows it is supposed to be closed. I am happy, however, that she has the dexterity to close it. If I ask her where her button is, she will show me. During the night she will happily pull the extension set out and let tube feeds pour into the bed which does not make for a happy mama. Anyway, last night I got confirmation that she gets it. She has gotten her nasty junky cough back. She only coughs at night and I am beginning to suspect it is related to her reflux which puts us one step closer to the fundo...grrrr. Anyway, I thought I would try some cough medicine so I got her up out of bed and took her to the kitchen. I got the cough medicine and went towards her mouth with it. She promptly closed her mouth, pulled up her shirt, and opened her button. Apparently the medicine tastes bad. I laughed and was happy because I suddenly realized, she gets it.

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  1. And how wonderful is that? That level of understanding? Of course, it's a curse too, right? When we first got Charlie off the g-tube he had trouble realizing that EVERYTHING had to go in his mouth.