Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas and Some Other Stuff

A few days late, but Merry Christmas. We had the best Christmas here and it was even a White Christmas. I honestly cannot ever remember having a White Christmas so that was a welcomed change. The drive home from work on Christmas Eve in the ice which should have taken 45 minutes and ended up taking 4.5 hrs was not fun but I made it home anyway so that was all that mattered. I was thinking at one point I would be spending the night in my car in the WalMart parking lot that night but I was actually not too worried. I had a full tank of gas, a cell phone & charger, a Diet Dr. Pepper (most important element), and a DVD player. I was set if it had to be that way. Luckily after a few hours my husband made it to rescue me and we started the treck home. It was only 12 more miles but 12 I was not sure we would make. I was so happy to be home. I quickly go the kids into their jammies and into bed. Kenneth had to be out working wrecks and rescuing people so the female half of Santa put all of the toys together. I was proud of what I was able to accomplish but can honestly say I do not care to use another screwdriver again for a very long time. We spent Christmas morning at our house and then spent the rest with family at their houses. It was low key and so very enjoyable. Carly really seemed more into Christmas this year than ever before. I was not really sure if Anna had any concept of what was going on but she woke us up on Christmas morning and said, "Tree!" so I guess she understood more than I thought she did. For whatever reason Carly wanted an apron and chef's hat so that is what they are wearing in the picture. We rode the 4 wheeler around in the snow and it was just gorgeous that morning. It made every payment we have made on this acreage worth it. Anna had her 2 year old check up and shots today (about a month late, but oh well.) She is up to 24 lbs and 37.5 in tall. That is 20% in weight and 100% in height. That is the highest percentile she has ever been!! She had a stretch where she had stopped vomiting and we were thrilled but she has started it again. She is going to start on low dose Erythromycin next week and we will see if that helps. I know her gastric emptying scan was normal but I still am not convinced that she doesn't have it. The days that she pukes it is not just tube feeds but also food from many hours before. The study showed she did not have a problem on that day. She may not have the problem everyday though, some days will inevitably be worse than others and I think the test happened on a day she was not having problems. Maybe that sounds crazy but to the girl cleaning the puke (that's me) it totally makes sense. She gets Miralax every day too but still gets constipated at times and I think that also plays a factor. Anyway, we will keep moving along until the solution is found. Carly has been a totally different kid since she has been out of school for Christmas break. She went from terrible behavior to the best I have ever seen out of her. I really think school is harder on her than I imagined and also that she picks up a lot of bad habits at school. Homeschooling is not an option for us so I guess we will just have to learn to handle the behavior the best that we can. I am thankful for these good weeks because it reminds me that I do have two great kids and that we are doing a good job parenting them and that they do know how to act. I was really beginning to think I was missing something with Carly and that I was not doing a good job because she had taken a sharp decline. I guess all kids go through good and bad periods and I am really enjoying the good! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and also has a Happy New Year! My brother in law will be leaving on New Year's Day for a 6 month tour in Iraq. Please keep him, my sister, and their sweet children in your prayers, they are going to need them...

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