Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And The List Just Keeps On Growing

I cannot believe Christmas will be here in 3 days. I was sad that we did not get to go to church last Sunday. Anna woke up during the night running a high fever so I decided not to bless the church nursery with whatever she had. I think it is just a cold because she has had a cough and snotty nose since then. Carly has it too and actually lost her voice one day which was not really all that sad. Kenneth and I are both finally off on Christmas day this year. I think the last time we were both off was like 4 or 5 years ago. I am so excited that we will get to be together on that day. Santa will be happy too since he won't have to make a special trip to our house this year either a day early or a day late. It is such a good thing that he and I have open lines of communication! Carly wants a Nintendo DS (among about a million other things). The list started out short but it was written in November and has long since grown to the length of a roll of toilet paper. Anyway, she politely told my mom that she knew "If Santa doesn't bring me a DS I know you will. Nana, I know you won't let me down." Santa had already received AND PURCHASED her previous request so it looks like the DS falls on Nana's shoulders. Nana had to take back the already purchased gift because she just can't stand to let the little girl down. I guess that's what grandmas are for. Anna continues to amaze us. Her speech is better everyday. She is even occasionally trying to put 2 words together. I love to hear her say "I eat." She is also now able to say "wub ew" (love you) when I tell her I love her. Those are the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. Her favorite word the past few weeks is "ook" (look). Brad continues to work hard with her and we are so thankful for that. I fear the day when she turns 3 and we have to give up Brad. He has been amazing. We are also strongly considering starting Anna in daycare. I had really been opposed to the idea but we have decided it is time for her to be around other kids. She will be enrolled full time but will likely go more like part time. Now that nutrition is a sure thing I am more confident we can keep her well which is what I was so afraid of. I think being with other kids may help her developmentally too. She will be going to the same place Carly went for 3 years. They already know Anna there and I feel confident they will love her just like they did Carly. She will be in the 18 month old class since that is more her level right now. We will see how she does and progress accordingly. I am terrified but at the same time know in my heart it is best for her. I took her up there to talk to the director and Anna cried when we left. She wanted to stay and play. That helped me know it is the right thing for her. After my last post we did have one puking incident so we had to go back to 9 oz. it might have had something to do with her cold but 9 oz is still pretty good. I am now officially a pro at cleaning puke in my sleep (not too much different from the old college party days I guess). On a sad note...a guy I work with lost his 3 year old grandson yesterday. The little boy climbed a dresser which had a tv on top of it. He was trying to get a movie. Instead he pulled the dresser and tv over on himself and it crushed and killed him. Please pray for the Robles family as they endure such a tragic loss. They had just buried their daughter in law a week prior to this. She died after many days on ECMO after catching the swine flu. She was pregnant at the time. She did deliver a healthy baby prior to her passing. It is not ever easy but especially not at this time of year. My coworker had one request. If you have a tv on a shelf or bookcase or dresser please bolt it down and bolt the dresser to the wall. He does not ever want another child to die this way.

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  1. Thats great to hear you are both off!!! That is so sad about the 3 year old. The same thing happened just yesterday to a family around here. 3 year old too. He was a twin. I can't imagine how confused his brother must be. :( Such a tragedy.