Friday, December 11, 2009

Gastric Emptying Scan

Anna had her GES yesterday. In case you ever have to have one be prepared- it is long! She had to eat this nasty mixture of eggs and chicken and rice soup mixed with some type of radioactive substance. I could not believe she actually ate it. I guess if you keep a kid NPO long enough they will eat anything. Anyway, she ate it and then the test began. They put her on this table and slid her under a camera and took pictures. The pictures took 1 minute for each series. They took them at 1 minute, 5 minutes, 5 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 15 minutes, 15 minutes, then we had an hour break then more pictures then 30 minutes then more pictures. She had to be standing up between pictures and nothing to eat or drink. She handled it so well, as she always does. She kept signing "more" every time we took her down off of the table. It is nice but kind of sad how well she does in the hospital setting. She is not afraid of anything there and does not cry because she is so used to it. In case you were wondering- radioactive eggs make for some nasty kid gas!! We should have the results some time next week. It looked to Kenneth and I like none of the food had moved out until after the hour break and then it appeared to be moving nicely. I think Dr. O said something like 50% of the food should be gone at one hour and it did not look like we met that but I am certainly no nuclear medicine interpreter. In Carly news- her behavior was getting out of control and after trying all I knew to do to make it better it just wasn't improving. She has been so sassy and flat out disrespectful. I finally had enough and took ALL of her toys away from her. They are in my room which incidentally now looks like a bomb went off in there. She can earn them back at a rate of 1 toy per day. If at bedtime she has had mostly good behavior for the day she gets to pick a toy to have back. If she has not behaved that day we will take a toy back. We are going on day 3 and so far it is going well. She has made a dramatic transformation into the kid I know she is capable of being. I know a lot of her bad behavior is my fault. I have been overindulgent trying to make up for the fact that we have had to spend so much time and energy with Anna. I am vowing to do better with her. I think it will be easier now that Anna is sleeping, I am less tires, and Anna is kind of "settled" (for now). I know that I have to correct this now or it will only get worse.


  1. You are a good Mommy!

  2. Awww well I'm glad she did so well! Sometimes I think it is harder on us than it is them. Carly will come around. Maybe you could do a mommy and me day with her! :) Of course after she changes her attitude. LOL Oh children can be such a handful! Good luck with the results of the scan. Sending many thoughts and prayers.