Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's The Little Things

I am a sucky car owner. I have a decent enough car. It is a Nissan Altima, it is black, and it is in pretty good shape, no thanks to me! A few months back my check engine light was coming on and staying on. I was reluctant to take it to get it fixed because I just don't really trust mechanics. Anyway, turns out that not getting your oil changed for um, say, a year, might not be a good idea. We added 4 quarts of oil and now I get oil changes as I am supposed to (mostly). I am lucky the engine didn't blow up! So the past few days I have been noticing that when I hit about 55 mph my car starts shaking, pulling to the left, and becomes increasingly difficult to steer. I was going to take it today and get the alignment fixed and have them see if I had a bad tire. Since the Christmas freeze it seems the pothole population has exploded. I went first by the station to see Kenneth and drop off some sausage balls I had made him. I explained my car troubles and so he looked at my tires and quickly realized they just needed air. They hold a maximum of 44 psi. My average psi on my tires was about 18. So after some free fire station air I was on my way and avoided the tire store and the hundreds I likely would have spent there. I really need to learn to be a little more responsible, especially when it comes to car maintenance!

Anna started daycare on Monday and is doing so well, so much better than I expected! She loves to go, has not shed a tear when we drop her off, and has even been taking, get this, naps! She is such an imitator and if the other kids lay down and nap then she will too. She is also holding her own and already decked some kid in the gym for trying to steal her toy. Thank God that he gave her a mighty personality to go with her tiny body! She isn't eating much there but I am not shocked or worried about it. I told them not to worry either that we will make up for it in tube feeds at night. She started on the Erythromycin on Tuesday. It is 125mg twice a day. It is definitely helping with her motility...the dirty diapers have been non stop. We are going to stop her Miralax and keep going with the Erythromcyin and see what happens. She didn't get the Miralax last night and still pooped today but I am not sure how long Miralax has an effect for. If the pooping continues at this rate I am not sure she will be able to tolerate the meds:( I was really hoping this was it. Oh well, I am not giving up yet. She is not sleeping at night again. She goes down easily, in her own, bed, awake, and quickly falls asleep. Then she begins the waking between 10:30-11 and it goes on about every 2 hours. There were a few nights she got up out of her bed and went and got in bed with Carly and slept. That actually worked quite well but she has not been doing it anymore. Sometimes she goes back to bed fairly easily and sometimes she is up for 2-3 hours. I don't know why but Kenneth and I are both handling it much better than we used to. She sees the neurologist in February and I hoping for an increase in the trazodone. She has been on the same dose since she started it so maybe she is just growing too used to it. Who knows. One thing is for sure though, she is by far my favorite insomniac!

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