Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still Sleeping

What a difference a week makes!! Anna continues to sleep at night with a little help from my pharmacy friends and I could not be happier. She goes to bed about 8:30 and sleeps until 7-8 the next morning. Kenneth and I are new people. EI came out this last week and reevaluated Anna (you know, the eval they were supposed to do last month). She scored quite well on all things except communication. They have decided she no longer needs OT so that service is gone. I am not really too upset about it. After the comments made at our last visit I was not all too ready to welcome the OT back into our home. She came with the nurse to do the re-eval and made a few snide remarks like, "Have you been back to the light lady yet?" She was of course referring to the other new OT. They think she needs speech therapy now. That will probably start sometime next month. I really am not worried about her speech at this point but will take the help if they are offering. They tried to check her hearing but Anna would not cooperate. They said if her speech has not really picked up in the next 3 months that we need to take her to Cook's to have her hearing evaluated. I think she hears fine. For once, I am really not worried about something. I am not sure what to do therapy wise- I have one eval and OT saying she needs therapy (who is paid nicely by myself and my insurance), and one eval and OT who says there is not any therapy needed (paid by the state who is always low on funds). We were supposed to start the new therapy in July so I still have some time to think about it. Carly graduated from Pre-K last week and had her ballet recital last weekend. Pictures- yeah, I'll post those sometime. We leave Wednesday to go to Florida for a few days and I can't wait, I need a vacation. The definition of "life is not fair" is one of our patients at work right now. A 42 year old man had an unexpected cardiac event and will likely not survive. He has 2 young kids and a sweet sweet wife. We have all of these overdosed druggies that come in and they get to live. Sometimes life just really isn't fair.

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