Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Preeclampsia Awareness Walk was a huge success! Thank you again Nicole, Tim, and sweet baby angel Cooper for your undying efforts to make sure no other families have to endure the pain. Thank you again to those who donated in my name to try and save the lives of mothers and babies across the world. In your prayers please lift up the family of Kayleigh Anne Freeman who lost the fight to prematurity due to preeclampsia. It is amazing how such a tiny person can have such a huge impact! The only snafoo in the whole walk was the drowning of my blackberry which had to be fished out of the toilet. It has since been replaced and I have since decided I probably need therapy for my crackberry addiction. I almost didn't make it through those few days waiting on the replacement. I have never wanted so badly to run up and hug and kiss the FedEx man before- it was nutso! Mother's Day was fabulous! I got a much needed nap, beautiful flowers, a handmade gift from Carly, a seafood lunch, and a grilled dinner compliments of my honey. I was also supposed to work that day but got put on call- what a dream come true. We have decided to not keep Carly at the Angel Academy for the summer and to let her enjoy her last school free summer at home playing outside like a kid should. She is so excited. Her PreK graduation is next Thursday and I am afraid I will cry like a big baby. I cannot believe my little baby will be starting school next year. I am so proud of her. I worry sometimes that she doesn't know how awesome I really think she is because I am too hard on her at times. She acts so grown up and I forget that she is only 4. I am trying to lighten up and think I am getting better at it. I think maybe that is just the way it is with your first kid. I was watching some things Anna was doing yesterday and thinking I would have spanked Carly for much less at that age. Her graduation has a 50's theme and she will be wearing a poodle skirt, I can't wait to see it. Anna is still just being Anna. What else can I say. She is amazing and there is no other kid like her. She is so sweet and so mean all at the same time. She did well with the melatonin for a few nights and then it's back to not sleeping. She is cutting molars so that is some of it but I am afraid that is not all of it. I went ahead and called Dr. Hernandez's office to see what he wants to do from here. I am hesitant to start meds on her but know we all need the sleep. It is hard on Kenneth and I and I am quite sure it is not good for her little body either. Carly asked Anna to "please sleep through the night because it makes mommy so much nicer," so I guess it is affecting her in some ways too. I am going to have lunch with my friend Joanne today and am looking forward to some "me" time. Off to the shower I go...

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