Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

My blog wished for Christmas that I would quit neglecting it- wish granted. We have been so busy getting ready for Christmas that my poor blog fell to the bottom of the priority list. Things have not been boring around here for sure. Carly had her Christmas program at school and she was delighted to have been chosen to be one of the angels. Obviously, her halo had to be worn a bit crooked. Santa came to our house a day early since Kenneth was on duty Christmas day. He brought Carly the Rose Petal Cottage which she keeps calling the Rose Petal College. She asked me how I got Santa to come a day early. I explained to her that I had Santa's phone number and had called and made a special request. She immediately wanted the phone number. I told her she couldn't have it because she would be calling him all of the time. She assured me she wouldn't because, "No I wouldn't mama, I would call the elves." Too smart that girl!! Again, my mother of the year nomination was rejected... Carly had been complaining about her ear hurting. She had tubes put in about 3 years ago and I had my mom look and it seemed one of her tubes had fallen out. Carly kept complaining that when she stuck her finger in ear it made a funny noise so I politely told her to quit sticking her finger in her ear. It was one weird complaint after another about her ear but I just assumed she was adjusting to noise and pressure changes without the tube. Wrong- the school called on Tuesday to let me know she had green drainage coming from her ear. The pain was gone though so I guess the eardrum ruptured. She's on antibiotics and on the mend now. Oops, I guess I should have listened to her. Anna is doing well. Her walking is more running now and she is becoming more and more opinionated and ornery. She looks so sweet and has such a soft, sweet voice but she is a little twerp. She has become quite good at shaking her head no and then laughing after she does whatever it was she shook her head no about because she knew she wasn't supposed to do it. We had another little scare with her. She had a little abdominal mass thing that Dr Klein felt needed to have an ultrasound done on it. We did the ultrasound and it found some area of enhancement on her liver which could have meant terrible things. We went to a surgeon at Cooks and found that it was some weird herniated piece of fat. It does not require surgical repair at this point and we are so thankful for that. Yet another thing that is just weird with Anna, not bad, just weird. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. Hopefully you are relaxing today and enjoying all of your new toys. I know we have a bunch of toys that may "mysteriously" loose their batteries within the next few days. I have to go into work at 11 today. I was so happy to get that phone call at 5 this am as I was struggling to get out of bed that I could come in at 11, what an awesome after Christmas gift...

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