Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Great Start

I really had hoped 2009 was going to be filled with health for this family. Oh, I was so very wrong. Carly has had some nasty cough for awhile now but Anna finally got it and it was way worse on her. I ended up in the ER with her and she was scaring the crap out me. She just kept going limp and was so lethargic. She didn't fight the blood draws which is so not typical for her. She ended up with a shot of antibiotics and going home with more antibiotics. Then i had to take her back to the doctor again yesterday because she was getting so dehydrated. Every time she tried to drink anything she started choking and then vomiting. She had lost 1 lb over a couple of days and when you look at how little she is anyway she doesn't really have a pound to lose. To hospitalize or not.... That was the question. The Dr. decided to let me try at home for one more day. Luckily she turned the corner last night and started drinking and not choking and is much better today. She is still snotty and whiny but I'll take it. The other day you couldn't make her whine. She slept for all but 1 hour of the day and that was just when we woke her up to medicate her. Carly is still hacking quite a bit but swears she feels OK. She knows if she says she doesn't feel OK she can't go play. Enough about that... Our TV bit the dust and we finally entered this century and bought a flat screen. The picture is so much better!! Kenneth is disassembling the old TV as I type- not to try and fix it but just because he loves to take stuff apart- good thing it doesn't need to go back together!! Anna has a screwdriver and is "helping", I'm sure Carly will be in here to help in no time. Work has been busy and we have had some people who are way too young to be as sick as they are. The scary part is that despite all of the testing there is still no clear cut answer as to what happened. I hear coughing and gagging, I must go now...

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