Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If You Have Not

If you have not:
1. Been in bed for 14 weeks while pregnant
2. Wondered if you and/or your child would survive
3. Known from the beginning of your child's life something was a bit "off"
4. Been told and caught completely off guard at a GI appointment that you might ought to see a neurologist
5. Had your child be diagnosed with a condition that is anybody's best guess why it really happened and told that although cerebral palsy doesn't get worse it never goes away
6. Been told that you r child's potential will only be known years down the road and to not get your hopes up too much but to hope for the best
7. Had to have your child tested for dreaded genetic disorders because the doctors agree something else is wrong but cannot put their finger on it and wait 6-8 weeks for results
8. Had to pay more than you could afford to feed your child because of allergies
9. Known that feeding your child those allergic foods causes much distress and sharing that with others only to have them feed your child those foods right under your nose
10. Had to answer questions on a daily basis about why your child is so skinny and have people look at you like "feed her"
11. Had to explain to a 3 year old why her sister is needing extra help
12. Been so happy to see your child progress so far in so little time
13. Had to make decisions about when to draw the line with Dr. appointments and when to keep searching for more answers
14. Been told your child has a cyst in her brain but "not to worry about it"
15. Had to deal with rude people who are constantly questioning your parenting skills

If you have not done these things, you have not walked in my shoes. You need not judge me and how I have chosen to take care of my children. It might not be the way you would have done it but hey, it's not your life. I try to be positive. I realize I am blessed. That being said, I did not make these diagnoses, I have just tried my best to help Anna overcome them and feel I have done a pretty damn good job. Perhaps a pat on the back instead of a snide remark would be nice, if that's not too much to ask...


  1. Whoah, who made a snide remark to you?!?

  2. You and Ken have done an amzing job with both of the girls.

  3. Jamie . . . It's been forever. I know nothing, quite literally, except for the ten or so posts that I've read, of you and your sweet family. My precious niece has cp (born a preemie, brain bleed). My heart broke when I read your post. Your little girls are BEAUTIFUL. If this blog tells me anything, it's that you're doing a wonderful job. God bless you! Amanda