Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Tubes Are In

Anna got her tubes in yesterday. Other than being up all night the night before and having to leave the house at 5am things went well. Her left ear was worse than the right and she had some abscess in her left. Dr. Price opened and drained that and said it should heal on its own. I am so glad we went ahead with the tubes because that probably would not have ever healed with oral antibiotics. The left ear is still draining quite a bit but they said that is to be expected. Anna was such a different child yesterday. She laughed more, played more, and was already making more sounds. She was back to the old Anna, the one doesn't constantly fuss. She must have been hurting so bad, my poor baby! I am so glad she is on the mend. Carly spent Monday night with my parents and wore them out. I try to have her in bed at 8:30 but she was apparently still going strong at 11:30 for them. She loves her Nana and Pops and never seems to get enough of them. We carved pumpkins last night with Carly and the neighbor kids. They had fun and I was proud of my carving skills. This was my first carve ever. Growing up, my parents always did them and Kenneth has done them since we have been married. Our Safety Patrol, Carly, was quite worried about lighting the candles in them for fear they would catch on fire. I'm pretty sure a Valium salt lick is in that kid's future. She is so nervous about everything. I used to really worry about her worrying so much (wonder where she gets it) but am pleased to say it seems she is getting a little better as time passes by. She still asks every time I'm driving, "Momma, are you driving perfect?" She is still convinced a speeding ticket=jail time. I am happy to say I have not been pulled over again and have really tried to reform my driving. I can't really help it if my foot is made of lead...

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  1. I'm so glad Anna is feeling better! Carly cracks me up. "Pllleeeaasseee don't take my mommy to jaillll!!!" Gotta love it!