Friday, October 17, 2008

The Brady Bill?

There have been a lot of things going on around here lately but there has been one thing that has not happened at all- SLEEP. I am so crabby and I need some zzzz more than I think I ever have before in my life. I fell asleep in a meeting at work yesterday and required an energy drink to recover. Anna has been up about every hour all night for the past 4-5 nights. She has ear infections in both ears which are not getting any better with antibiotics. We took her tot he ENT on Monday and he wanted to put her tubes in the next day. Our damn insurance requires some 3 day waiting period to give authorization so it won't be until next Tuesday. I was so irritated. It's not like we were some crazed lunatics trying to buy some high powered automatic weapon. I never knew the Brady Bill applied to tubes in the ears but apparently according to our insurance it does. The good news is that we have met out total out of pocket for the year so the procedure and all related costs will be covered at 100%- yippee!! The weather has been beautiful and we are so thankful for that. We kept our niece and nephew last weekend and spent a lot of time outside. The kids really enjoyed it. I did too and I hope the nice weather continues. My BIL made it home from Afghanistan and I am so happy for that. There were a few snaffoos with him getting home but he made it and only 1 day late. I am proud of him and his service to this country as well as for all of the other soldiers. I have much to be thankful for as God continues to bless us in our daily lives.

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