Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Best Welfare Plan- Get A Job

The fun just never stops around here. So Carly started feeling bad Sunday before last and I decided from her complaints that she had a bladder infection. She gets them all of the time and I know the drill- no Dr. appointment necessary- or so I thought. I had her usual antibiotic called in and started her on it right away and was giving her Tylenol and Motrin to keep her fever down. She went to Oklahoma City with her friend Elaina on Monday to see Veggie Tales live and then proceeded to start puking on the way home and puked the whole way home. When she gets high fevers she pukes so I still was not panicking but I felt horrible for Elaina's parents who were forced to clean my kids puke for about 2 1/2 hrs. They were so sweet about it though. She continued to have fever Tuesday and Wednesday and I couldn't take her to the Dr. on Wednesday because Dr. Klein does not work on Wednesdays. So finally on Thursday she was looking close to death and complaining of having a dry mouth and lips so I knew dehydration was on its way. Dr. Klein changed her antibiotic and then wanted to see her back the next day if she wasn't significantly better. She wasn't- still spiking temps of 104 and shivering... He sent her for some labs and as luck would have it we ended up in the ER instead. I was so proud of Carly. She hardly cried when they started her IV (due to some serious bribery from her Nana but hey, I'm not above bribery). The nurses and Dr. were so very nice and after some IV antibiotics we were on our way. She was so much better after that and has been ok since. Nothing is ever easy with us , I swear. She looks ok in the picture but that was after Motrin and lots of stickers. She was looking at my mom while we were in the ER and said the funniest thing. My mom had a really bad wreck a few years back and after reconstructive surgery had her eyebrows removed and then tattooed on because after the surgeries they were not even. She then pencils them in a bit over the tattoo and they look pretty good. That particular night they were kind of purple looking- I'm not sure why. Carly looks at my mom and says, "Nana, do every body's eyebrows turn purple after their fur falls out?" Anna continues to do well. She never ceases to amaze us with her continued progress. I cleaned house today and Kenneth worked out in the yard. It isn't often that the inside and outside both look really good at the same time. My BIL gets home from Afghanistan on Sunday. I am so excited for my sister and her kids. I cannot imagine being without my hubby for 6 months- she has done a phenomenal job of going it alone! I work the next couple of days and then we will probably go to Depot Days this weekend. We had this crazy lady at work (recurrent theme, I know) who was brought in by EMS. She had quit taking her blood pressure medicine because she ran out and was instead taking her friend's medicine. Keep in mind she did not know what her friend was on, but she reasoned all blood pressure meds must be the same. (Note to self- crack does bad things to your reasoning skills.) This lady is 45 and has already had 2 strokes due to her crack use. Anyway, she was crying to the doctor about how poor she is and how she cannot afford the $4 for her meds. The doctor was awesome. He says, "Do you by chance grow your own crack?" She says, "How do you know I smoke crack?" He says, "I saw your drug screen and again I ask you do you grow your own crack?" She replies, "No!!" He then says,"Well, you afford your crack then so afford your blood pressure meds." I loved it. I get so sick of people who can afford their drugs, beer, and cigarettes, but cannot spend $4 on meds. They would rather spend our tax dollars sitting in the hospital and blaming society for them not having a job and not being able to afford anything (except the above mentioned items). If I have to take a drug test to get/keep my job and make money shouldn't those on welfare have to take a drug test before they get the money I had to pass a drug test to make? I once heard a patient's thug daughter say, "Say, y'all gots any free foods around here. I'm tard (tired) of spendin all my muney to buy food fer me." Are you kidding me? What a shame- you have to feed yourself, WTH...

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  1. That is the single greatest thing I've ever read. That doctor deserves a party thrown in his honor and so do you just for posting that heart warming tale! Crack gardens! ~ amy