Friday, October 24, 2008

Musical Beds

One question- why am I blogging at 2:30 am when I have to be up at 5 am to get ready for work? One answer- I am idiot and a pushover. My kids are in my bed, both lying sideways, leaving no room for momma. Carly sleeps with me on the nights Kenneth is gone, we have always done that. Anna woke up with a wet diaper and wet clothes and wet sheets. Why all of the sudden did the diapers start leaking? Who knows but of course it couldn't happen during the day, oh no, only at 2 am. So after changing her diaper and clothes she was wide awake so I gave her a bottle and she went back to sleep but rather than changing her sheets I put her in my bed. So they both turn sideways and here I am, no place to sleep at 2:30am. I turn them back the right way, they turn back sideways. It is a conspiracy, I'm convinced! I think I'll go lay in Carly's bed because hey, musical beds is fun in the wee hours of the night, right? Yeah, I know, it's my fault that they end up in my bed. I think I should just remove the furniture from my room and make the whole room one big mattress because with the way these girls sleep our king size will never be big enough. I suppose I'll stop griping now, at least they are sleeping...

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