Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Technical Terms

Happy Birthday, Carly!! She had a good one. We went and had donuts for breakfast, she loves donuts- but only chocolate glazed with sprinkles. Then she went to school and I guess had her party this afternoon. I picked her up and we went to the fire station and she opened her presents. She got a few things but the main thing was this dance mat thing (technical name, I know) that lights up different squares and you have to dance with it and keep up. It will wear you out quick. We jammed to Hannah Montana and played dance fever. She crashed pretty soon after we got home and she took a bath. She said she had a good day and that is all that mattered to me today. She deserved a good day! The last year has been hard on her and she has been a trooper. Don't get me wrong, she has her moments but overall she as been awesome. She has had to handle things that are hard for adults, let alone kids. Anna had a cranky day. She did sit up with very little help today while holding on to her monkey piano. So she was fussy today and did not sleep much last night. I finally just got in the recliner with her at about 3am after getting up and down with her countless times before that. Anyway, we get home tonight and she is still being a fussy britches and I was about to put her pacifier in her moth and noticed a tooth. No wonder she's cranky. It is on the bottom. It is just barely visible but it is there. Go Anna! I am still in a funk today. I talked to Emy (friend who has a son with spina bifida and autism) and she says the grief will come and go and that I am just grieving and to not beat myself up over it. We are going to try to go out sometime soon. She has been there as her son is 11. Although it is still going on for her too, she has already traveled the beginning of the road where I am. Well, the kids are both out and my eyes are heavy so I am gong to bed. Goodnight. (I know Carly's bangs are too long- we are growing them out and they are in that awkward stage, poor girl.)

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