Wednesday, July 9, 2008

$111 for that?

Sorry it has been awhile since my last post. We have been busy as usual and then you throw in the July 4th stuff and there is no time left. Then Kenneth was on duty on Monday and there was an 18 wheeler overturned on the interstate and the driver was trapped. Kenneth and the other firefighters were attempting to free him when somehow Kenneth's left ring finger was crushed. He called me from the ER. He didn't want to "alarm" me but wanted me to know where he was. He said I didn't need to come up there- whatever!! So off I went to the ER to find him with holes poked in his fingernail to allow for drainage, a crushed bone, and 4 stitches. We are waiting to get him in with in ortho doctor to see what/if they can do to fix it. The problem is that it is a workman's comp. injury claim and not many doctors will take that. I think we have finally found someone but have to wait until next week for the visit to be approved by the adjuster. Kenneth has been a trooper. I do not know that I would handle it as well as he has. He's got lots of good drugs though so that helps!! We had Anna's endocrinology appointment today. We saw Dr. Douche Bag (DB for short). This of course is not his real name but it is how he will forever be remembered in my vocabulary and mind. The appointment pretty much went like this-

Dr. DB- "Why are you here? Why didn't you just go to the Denton clinic?"

Me- "I didn't know there was a Denton clinic and my Dr's office made this appointment so I just went where they told me to."

Dr. DB- "Your child's failure to thrive has nothing to do with her endocrine system. Endocrine kids are short and fat, yours is long and skinny. She has some subtle physical abnormalities. You need to see GI and genetics."

Me- "We have been to GI. They say she has reflux. That is why she is taking Prevacid."

Dr. DB- "Do you believe she has reflux?"

Me- "Yes."

Dr. DB- "How much does she eat?"

Me- "About 500 calories a day."

Dr. DB- "That isn't enough."

Me- "No shit!!" (just kidding but this was what I wanted to say at this point)
Me- "I know that."

Dr. DB- "CP kids need extra calories. She isn't even getting enough for a normal kid. She may need a feeding tube some day. She also has some subtle physical abnormalities."

Me-- "OK, so I guess we'll just make a genetics appointment."

Dr. DB- "I'll order the high resolution chromosome testing but DON'T expect me to interpret it. It will take 8 weeks to get the results back."

Me- "OK, thanks."

Dr. DB- "Yeah, she's got definite musculoskeletal problems and then there are those subtle physical abnormalities."

Me- "Could you tell me exactly what abnormalities you are referring to?"

Dr. DB- "Slanted eyes, rotated ears, and a thin/narrow head. Follow up in Denton in 3 months. By the way, have you ever heard of Russell-Silver Syndrome?"

All of this, and all for a mere $111 dollars. If I had just wanted someone to talk to me like I'm a dumbass I likely could have found that for free. He was the most uncaring, unkind, and too busy for us man I have ever met in my life. We have been lucky so far that up until today all of our doctors have been nice but this one was a real piece of work. Why would I follow up in 3 months if endocrine isn't her problem. WTH? On a happy note, I got her neuro appointment moved up from Sept. 24 to July 28 (and it will be in Denton- wouldn't want to piss any more doctors off by spending MY money on gas to go see them.) Wouldn't you think someone would feel honored that you drove further to see them? Oh well, once a douche bag, always a douche bag.

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  1. Hey girl, it was so great to see you, and thanks again for lunch! Anna is the sweetest little girl, and I'm sorry that "doctor" was so rude. You should report him! I'll talk to you soon! Love, amy