Wednesday, July 16, 2008

At Last

Anna is sitting up on her own for about 10 minutes at a time!!! We are so excited! Last week she couldn't really do it and this week she's a pro. I may be crazy (well, actually we all know I am) but when she started getting better nutrition she all of the sudden "woke up" and started sitting and just doing more things that she should be doing at her age. Her movements are still very jerky and stiff but her legs seem to have loosened up a bit. She is tolerating the polycose now and gets it in her bottles as well as in her baby food. She hasn't increased the number of ounces she takes but each ounce has more calories. She is eating a ton of baby food now though. She takes 4-5 jars a day and I add polycose to those also. She actually has a little fat on her thighs. Don't get me wrong- she is still little, but she is looking so much better, so much healthier. We finally went to Kenneth's ortho appointment today to see about his finger. If you have not ever had to deal with Workman's Comp. before then please get off of your computer at once, bow down on your knees, and thank the good Lord above. It was such a complete and total pain in the butt to find a doctor who would take workman's comp. and then to actually get the appointment approved. Kenneth saw Dr. Blair. We really liked him. He basically said there was nothing that could be done to fix the bone- it will heal on its own. Until it heals it will be sore as hell. So, Kenneth is off of work for at least the next 4 weeks. He is a little down- he actually was hoping to get to go back sooner. I am bummed too- I love him dearly but I miss my "me" time that I am so used to having when he is on duty. We want him to heal right though so we will do what we are told. Carly is doing well. We are STILL battling the poison ivy with her though. It got a little better and then returned with a vengeance. I really do not want to give her more steroids if I can avoid it. So far Caladryl has done more for us than anything. She doesn't like to be pink but luckily her Aunt Lezli got her a book for her birthday titled "Pinkalicious" and that has made it bearable. I think I am actually going to try and get in bed early tonight. I have to work the next couple of days and if I don't get my rest I get super cranky!!

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  1. Wow--she looks a lot like her big sister! She seems so excited to be sitting up; I'm sure you're excited, too!