Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still Here

Today was the Cooke County Ballet Academy's Annual Recital. This was Carly's fourth year to dance and Anna's first. Carly did jazz to "Rockin' Robin" and Anna did ballet do "Oh How I Love Jesus" and tap to "Maypole Dance." Carly did an awesome job as she always has. She loves dance and much to my surprise loves to be on stage. Anna brought me to tears, happy tears. Even though she only either moved her arms or her legs, never both at the same time, she did it. She got up there and did her best. I think it must be hard for her to coordinate all of that at the same time. I am so proud of both girls, both for different reasons.

Gabe is still the perfect baby. He is so happy most of the time. He is sleeping at least a 6 hour stretch and sometimes more. Last night he slept for 10 hours. I had worked four 12 hour shifts in a row last week and desperately needed sleep. I think he knew it because he slept so soundly. At his 2 month check up (and shots BOO) he was 10 lbs and 22 inches. He is a little chunk! I cannot believe he is already 12 weeks old now. Where does the time go?

I don't even remember if I had posted that Anna had an OT evaluation last month. She does qualify and will be getting those services hopefully in the summer and for sure next school year. She has the summer off for speech and will start up again next year. I back to considering switching districts again. I really need to pray harder about it that the right decision will just become abundantly clear. There are pros and cons to both districts and I am not sure what the right way to go is. Honestly, neither option is all that desirable but we have to deal with what is available.

We have been continuing to patch Anna's eye and for awhile I thought we were seeing some improvement but now I think maybe I was fooling myself into thinking we were seeing it. Her eye is not any better. We go back to the opthamologist next month and I feel pretty certain he will recommend surgery. I talked to a lady who didn't have the surgery for her child when he was young and he lost the vision in that eye. He wanted to go into the military and was denied due to his blindness in that eye. I do not want to put up possible roadblocks in her future just because I wanted to avoid another surgery. We will keep patching until the appointment though and maybe it will help. Doubtful, but maybe.

We also have a neurology appointment next month. It is mostly a seizure follow up which I am proud to say have been absent for quite some time. She will still need the Tegretol until she is seizure free for 2 years but that is fine by me. It seems to help her sleep better so I am in no rush to stop it. We have got to discuss with Dr. Hernandez her impulsivity though. She is hyper and that is tolerable but she seems to not be able to control her impulses most of the time. The Dr had cautioned me awhile back that this would probably be in our future. I had hoped he was wrong but I guess he wasn't. I hope it doesn't mean more medication but if it does we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Overall she is still doing so well and if these are the problems we face then I still feel like we have been blessed.

Work has been so super crazy. Usually starting mid April through about September is our slow season. It works out well because people are going on vacation and our staffing needs are lower. Not so much this year. We have a 20 bed ICU and it is staying full. I am not complaining, overtime is nice, but it is just crazy busy and I am not sure if it is going to slow down. Pretty much everybody is working overtime and some days we are still short on staff. The 4 12s in a row last week nearly killed me but it will be nice when the paycheck arrives! Since the rapture didn't happen today I guess I had better get to bed. 5am will come early and the 12 hours that follow will be long...

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