Sunday, May 8, 2011

The PF

Happy Mother's Day. I had a great one. Although Kenneth had to work and I missed him dearly I really enjoyed my time with other family and with my precious kiddos. I am so thankful for each of them and for the way they are each so very different. I hope your day was wonderful as well.

Yesterday was the annual Preeclampsia Promise Walk. It is a huge fundraiser for the Preeclampsia Foundation. I had to miss it this year because I had to work. I don't want to miss telling others about the cause though. It is a cause that is near and dear to my heart since it has affected all 3 of my pregnancies. Please take a moment to visit the Preeclampsia Foundation and familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms. The life you save might just be your child's or your own. Our family's story was chosen as the feature story for this month. I feel so honored to be the feature and hope that sharing our story can somehow prevent our story from ever repeating itself in someone else's family. A special thanks goes out to Nicole Purnell. She organized our local walk and has gone above and beyond for the foundation to honor her son Cooper who she lost late in her pregnancy due to this horrible disease.

I know I have been neglecting this poor blog lately. I miss it dearly. It has been like losing touch with a close friend. This is where I go to unwind and make sense of all that circulates in my head and in my heart. I promise to be back more really soon. I am really struggling to find any "me" time right now as I am still adjusting to having 3 kids. It seems like by the time I get them all to bed and get some household chores done that I am about to fall over and I barely make it to the bed. Thank God Gabe is such a good baby and is sleeping usually 6-7 hours at night. Anna is still sleeping through the night too and is now actually not wanting to get up in the mornings. It is nice. Well, I have hit that sleepy time again. It is early but I work again tomorrow and will be up early. I''ll be back...

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  1. You have such an amazing story! I know it will give hope to so many!
    ~Wendy (Decker) Chambers