Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No Rest For The Weary

I thought about just pulling my hair out but if you have ever seen me you know how long that would take and I just don't have that much time. Anna has had a fever of 104 since Sunday. It goes down with Tylenol and Motrin but comes right back up. I took her to the pediatrician yesterday and he was great and said we would wait it out a couple of days and if it wasn't better Anna would need a work up. She has no other symptoms, just a fever. Her flu screen was negative but we again were just hoping for some virus. Yeah, I know, I'm crazy- hoping for a virus. He called and checked on us today and things were about the same so we decided to wait until tomorrow and see where we stood. As our luck would have it her fever went up to 105 this afternoon and she was breathing funny. I talked to the Dr's office and decided it was best to take her to the ER. I was there for 5 1/2 hours. Guess what we know now- she has a fever of unknown origin. Her white count is up so there is infection somewhere but her chest xray is clear and her urine is clear. Those would be the 2 most likely places for her to have an infection. She had blood cultures drawn but they take a few days to incubate and even if they were positive that infection would have to originate somewhere. I am afraid it may be her Gbutton. She got a shot of Rocephin (ouch!) and we are to follow up with the pediatrician tomorrow. Although the ER took forever everyone was great except for the triage nurse. This is at the hospital where I work so I will have no problem taking care of it. She was rude and treated me like an idiot. I not so politely reminded her that I work in ICU and am not easily rattled but that my kid is really sick and that there was really no need to treat me like an idiot. Her response was that "your daughter looks fine to me." I will be happy to provide her with a copy of Anna's labs and remind her that being presumptuous is not really a quality one should strive to have. It sure would suck after a long hard 12 hour ER shift to find one's tires flat don't ya think (OK, so I can dream right). And then there was the GI's office. They called to let me know that after looking at the results of Anna's upper GI the Dr would like to start her on Prevacid and Reglan. Uh, the problems with this are 1. Anna is already on Prevacid and has been forever and 2. I have told them a million times before that unless there is no other option I really do not want to use Reglan. Yeah, well, the Dr is doing procedures all day so he won't be able to get back with me until at least tomorrow. I know we are only 1 of 1 million patients but isn't that all the more reason a Dr should be looking at the chart before deciding what to do with a patient? I am not trying to be a pain, I just want somebody to pay attention to what they are doing. If they would get it right the first time I would quit calling back and we would all be a lot happier! Tomorrow I get to go eat Thanksgiving lunch at school with Carly. She is so excited. I am excited to see her and watch how she interacts with others at school. As for eating a school cafeteria holiday lunch, not so much...


  1. (((HUGS))) Those rocephrin shots hurt. My 2nd DD had them twice & limped for 30 min afterwards. I hope Anna is better today & that you find a reason for her high fevers.

  2. Poor Anna!!! I hope the fevers resolve quickly and you're home soon! Fevers are so freaking scary.

    I'd help you with the tire "issue" if I were there. :) Kidding. Kinda.

  3. ugh I seriously HATE nurses like that... I would have said well its a damn good thing you aren't the doctor then huh? :) I am a big fan of mommys know best. And I believe it 100%. I'm sorry Anna is having a hard time. I hope she starts to feel better soon. Poor little princess and poor mommy too. (((HUGS)))