Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Her Abnormal Normal

First off I want to thank all of the veterans who are responsible for the fact that we are free. I also would like thank the families of those past and present serving in the military because they make a huge sacrifice as well. As my brother in law leaves in December to go to Iraq I see again that not only does the soldier sacrifice a lot, but so does his wife, his children, his mother, his father, his siblings... So again, thank you!!

Now back to the regularly scheduled broadcast... I called Dr. O's office on Monday and reported the continued vomiting. I received a call back from with a new plan. We are to feed Anna 30 ml over an hour and then stop it for 4 hours. That (for all of us non metric people) is 1.5 oz over an hour. We do this throughout the day. She has done well with it for 2 days now so I may be brave and try to do it through the night tonight also. The second part of the plan is that Anna will have yet another EGD this Friday. Luckily this time they will just go through her button so she will not have to be intubated again. I am happy about the no intubation part! Seriously, 4 intubations before the age of 2 is just not right. I do not really know what Dr. O will be looking for with the scope. When I called I was just really hoping for some Erythromycin or something to promote gastric motility. I do not want to use Reglan on Anna but will if that is what Dr. O wants to do. I have gone over and over in my head wondering if this is the right thing- to do another procedure. What I keep coming back to is this: Dr. O is the best in this part of the country. I have to trust him. I have to believe that he is doing the right thing. It would be foolish I suppose to just start some medicine and never really investigate the root cause of the problem (although the meds would be SO much easier!) If I do not trust a doctor then it is time to move on to another one. My gut tells me to stick it out and do what Dr. O says and so that is what we will do. I just hate my baby having to keep going through all of this stuff. I know that she doesn't know any different and to her this is all just "normal" but I know it isn't normal and that is so hard.

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