Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Good News

We took Anna to her GI appointment on Friday. It was just a routine follow up. She was, get this, 22.6 lbs. We received a congrats from the doctor. Anna has gone from below the 5th percentile in weight to the 25-30 percentile. She still has some stomach issues but we will continue working on them and figuring out how to cure what ails her. I won't get into her GI issues on here too much because in the years to come I fear she will come back and kill me for it. It suffices to say high muscle tone sucks and it doesn't just stop at the arms and legs!! We only have to follow up with the GI as needed. Yippee for crossing another doctor off of the list. We pretty much just see Neuro and our FP now. She is still sleeping at night and actually spent the night at her Meme's last night. It was her first night away from home without us. She enjoyed it and we did too! Carly felt so special having Mommy and Daddy to herself but was super happy to see her baby sister this morning. My prayer for them is that they will always love each other like they do right now. I know that my sister has been my rock throughout my life and I hope they are that for each other as well.

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  1. You are a great mother and sister. I love you! Congrats on another good report for Anna!