Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pretty Much Pissed

I am not sure if buzzed posting is a good idea but after a few Bud Lights here I am anyway. EI came out today and now I am just pretty much plain old country pissed off. OK, first off they were supposed to come out last month and simply "forgot" due to a scheduling mix up. I do not really get the scheduling mix up since they come on the 4th Tuesday of every month but I was willing to let that go. I received a call a few days after the missed appointment stating the OT was very sorry she forgot and she would see us April 14 for Anns's re-eval unless we needed her sooner. I did not schedule myself for work today so that I could be home for the eval. So EI shows up today and says the other lady who comes with her to do the eval couldn't make it so they will just do it next month. Uh, 'scuse me, didn't you already forget an appointment last month? Anyway, I just said ok and went on with the visit. We discussed Anna's progress and blah, blah, blah same old crap. We need to quit anticipating her needs so she'll talk more (as if we are the sole cause of her speech delay), we need to label objects for her as we speak to her, blah, blah, blah... Then, here is where I really got mad. OT asked us how many words Anna has and I said she has about 5 words she uses consistently and then Kenneth chimed in and said he really thinks she has more but she doesn't use them. OT then says, "Well, I have some mothers with kids all contracted in wheelchairs and the mothers keep telling me how smart the kids are but if the kids can't express it then are they really that smart?" OK heifer, my kid has a speech delay and can't say a lot of words and suddenly she is dumb? Perhaps you forgot the course in school about how CP kids have difficulty with their muscles and therefore difficulty with things like, um, speech. Then she proceeds to say, "There are just some things she is not going to be able to do and you are just going to have to accept that." The word can't will not exist in this house. Anna may not do things just like other kids- she may do them slower or not as well but by God she will do them. I will not accept that she will not do them because that, to me, is just not acceptable. If we tell her she can't then I can rest assured that she won't. She also said she would try to get the speech guy to come see Anna but "his contract has been cut back so I am not sure if he will be able to." So now I have a dumb kid with a parent who causes her speech problems who won't be able to do things and will not get the very services the state is required to provide which are apparently the services she needs to be able to express herself so she can prove she isn't dumb. Um, I thinking she didn't like being told I got another opinion...WTH

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  1. What a @!#^%$^! Seriously?!? Did you light her a** up? She is clearly in the wrong profession. I hope she walked out of there with two big shiners, and I don't mean the beer.