Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fair Warning

I am frustrated by the number of drug overdoses I see at work. If one comes into the ER as an overdose they have to come to ICU so I get to see them all. There are 2 universities in Denton so I do not know if that provides us with more than our share of overdoses but whatever the reason I am sick of providing care for them. It isn't because I have no heart because I have a large heart. It isn't because I don't realize some of them truly have psych problems that have got to be addressed for I know this full well. It is simply because they are by far the biggest group of selfish ungrateful beeotches I have ever met. They come into the hospital because of their own doings and then act crappy towards the nurses who have to wipe their assess after they get charcoaled. They believe that crapping in the bed is their right and that it must be a nurses duty to clean that up. Ladies and gentlemen, lets get one thing straight- if you are serious about dying then please do it right and if you are serious about living then please take medications as they are prescribed because I will no longer be wiping your overdose ass. I quit. I am seriously thinking of providing a manual on how to successfully kill yourself for all of our repeat offenders. Also, if you think suicide is the way out then please understand this- not everyone succeeds and sometimes the way you end up is far worse than the place you started. It is not all black and white, it is not that you will either just live or just die. There is a place in the middle where you live but you have a horrible brain injury that leaves you aware of what is going on but unable to respond to it. There is a horrible place that leaves you in renal failure which will make you die a slow death. There is liver failure which is also slow. When I say slow I do not mean months- I mean years of pain and suffering. God has a plan for your life but if you choose to alter that plan please know that you consequences may be far worse than the death you had planned.

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