Sunday, April 26, 2009

Off The Beaten Path

I guess as I post this next sentence I am asking for it... Things have been fairly uneventful around here the past week or so. We have had the normal runny noses, poison ivy, and pink eye but nothing even requiring a Dr. visit. The poison ivy was the worst part and I feel very sorry for Carly because some of hers is on her face and 2 of the little 4 year old boys in her class were calling her Carly Krueger. I can't believe 4 year olds even know about Freddy Kreuger. That is nuts. I let her stay home from school after that because I didn't think it was necessary to subject her to that. I know that kids will be kids but come on, it's pre-K. My poison ivy on the other hand was totally deserved. We had a BBQ at the neighbor's house last weekend. I was rather inebriated and wandered home in the dark through the woods and got off the path. It was off of that path that I found the poison ivy. My stupid fault. We went to Germanfest on Saturday and had a great time. I actually got Carly on the tilt-a-whirl which was nothing short of a miracle. The weird part- she liked it. I was proud of her. The kids played outside this afternoon and they got nasty. Anna was not pleased about the picture, but Carly didn't mind.

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