Saturday, March 21, 2015


It felt like we waited forever to hear there was a nurse interested in taking care of Anna, but in reality it was only about a week and a half.  We set up a meeting so that we could interview the nurse and she could interview us.  Our prayer was that either she would be a perfect fit and that if she wasn't that we would not settle for less than Anna or our family deserves just out of desperation.  The meeting day came and I was more nervous about what to ask her than what she was going to be like.  I have to believe this sense of calm came from the fact that we have been covered in prayer.  In walked Loretta and before she even spoke I felt nothing but peace.  She looked to be probably in her 60s.  She was kind and gentle.  We talked about her expectations and ours.  I asked about previous assignments.  The last one she had was a girl who had the same diagnoses and mostly the same meds as Anna but was much more severe.  Loretta cared for the girl for 7.5 years until the little girl passed away.  7.5 years tells me a few things, the 2 most important of which are that she shows up and she is committed.  She has grown children which she homeschooled so she gets that about us also.  She has a very strong faith and I like to think she had prayed for the right family as much as we had prayed for the right nurse.  She basically had one request, that she could come a little later on nights when she has church.  Uh yeah, we encourage that and can totally do that.  Our cat Samantha who usually runs from people couldn't stop loving on Loretta.  That too was a sure sign.  It is going to be a huge adjustment to have someone in our house but we are ready to adjust.  We need the help.  God continues to be faithful in each and every situation we encounter.  I will be taking Carly to Austin for a couple of days next week for 4H day at the capital.  It will be a far better lesson on government than any I could provide.  I actually feel some peace knowing Loretta will be here because Kenneth just flat out doesn't hear Anna at night.  That would mean 1 of 2 things: either I would have to take Anna to ensure she is heard at night or we would have to skip her feeds while I was gone. Neither option is very desirable.  I know Anna wants to go on the trip but just as much as she desperately wants to go Carly desperately needs some alone time with me.  She's in the tween years and I see how fast she is growing up.  I want to remain close to her and keep the open communication we have.  When she doesn't get enough attention or time with me she begins to close off and become resentful of Anna and that is something I never want.  None of this is Anna's fault, but it's not Carly's either.  It's such a struggle to continue to find the balance but I will never give up on trying.

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