Monday, May 12, 2014

Momma Knows Best

So we saw the new GI. While in the patient room for the Dr to come in the song "God of Angel Armies" played over the radio in his office. I knew at that very moment that we were exactly where we were supposed to be. Then he came in and  I got to thank him for his wisdom at the beginning of this journey which was something I had always wanted to do but was somewhat afraid and didn't know how. He was kind and humble about it. The GI gave us a few suggestions about medication timing but otherwise said his recommendations would depend on the findings of a Pulmonologist. He referred her to one that he said he works together with a lot. I had no idea what that really meant but went with his suggestion since I didn't know anyone else and since this GI had gained my trust and respect. I got her an appointment with the Pulmonologist for a few weeks after the GI. He was thorough. He was thinking maybe the problem originated with a sinus infection that wasn't clearing up. He sent Anna for sinus X-rays in the middle of the visit. They came back clear. So then the craziest thing happened- the pulm called the GI. This is unheard of among any specialists we have met with up to this point. It is always left for me to relay information and messages and although I am an RN I am also a mom and also not a Dr. This should not be left up to me. So the new Drs decided the best thing would be to do a bronchoscopy and EGD, get this, at the same time. They said they wanted to minimize anesthesia and cost. Crazy town. So last Friday she had the procedures.
Both went well and were fairly routine. She was discharged a couple of hours later. The ride home was uneventful as were the next few hours. Then she spiked a 104 temp and began relentless vomiting. It was the sickest I have seen her Ain a very long time and it scared me. I called the Dr back and he placed her back on antibiotics and said she had probably aspirated again. He really didn't want to start anything until the cultures were back but with that fever he said he didn't feel safe waiting. He said there was a lot of "pus in her lungs."  Ewwww.  So today the cultures came back and she is growing 3 bugs. For the medical types the bacteria are streptococcus pneumoniae, haemophilus influenzae, and moraxella catarrhalis. He referred to her condition as being chronic bronchitis. She will be on antibiotics for 3 weeks. We will talk to the GI later this week and meet with the Pulmonologist on the 30th to all formulate a plan. I'm pretty sure the fundo will be the plan because it looks as if this is all aspiration related. I can't help but wonder how long this has been going on and feeling a bit annoyed that when I've reported symptoms they were brushed off.  The moral of the story always has been and always will be that momma knows best. Most of all I'm thankful for a new team who is listening and working together for the best outcome. That seems to be a rarity these days.  Technically I'd like to put a double space here but every time I do blogger messes up my formatting. So consider this a double space. For the second year in a row Carly participated in The Dirty Scurry. It's a youth mud run and she participates with her friends from Sibshops at Cooks. I am so proud of her not only for running the race but also for always stopping to help others along the way. She did amazing and I think it gives her a great sense of accomplishment when she makes it through.  Because she is there with SibShops she is a VIP which is nice because she deserves to be the special one sometimes too. 

 Even Gabe got in on the fun. After the race there are a lot of family friendly activities. 

One last pic that I'm currently loving...except for the fact that they are growing up so quick. 

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