Sunday, April 13, 2014

Coming Full Circle

After staying frustrated with our current GIs office for quite awhile now, they officially pushed me over the edge last week. I love the Dr. I do. He is great. That's the problem though. He is so good that he has too many patients. He can't keep up. When I call to make an appointment the soonest available is 2 months away. I could understand if we were new pt's but we aren't. We have been there for almost 6 years. So the solution (according to the office) is to handle as much as possible over the phone. I'd be fine with that if I could actually talk to (or even email) the doctor.  But I can't. It's not an option. I have to leave a voicemail for the nurse or medical assistant who will then relay the message (inaccurately) to the Dr.  Then the medical assistant or nurse of the day will call me back with an answer which makes no sense because the Dr didn't get the correct original message. So I get pissed and tell them the right message again which they relay wrong again... This has gone on for as long as I can stand. I don't want my daughter to be a patient in a practice that is this busy. It's not safe and it's not fair to her.  So we are now coming full circle. If you know Anna's story you know the whole thing began in a GIs office. We went to find out why she wasn't gaining weight and were told by that GI that we needed to get her to a neurologist because she had much bigger problems than weight gain going on. We never went back. We ended up trying to keep all of Anna's MDs in the Cook's system. But now we are going back. I trust this guy. He clearly knew what he was talking about even back then. I don't remember him or what he looked like or what the office looked like. I think I've blocked all of that out. I would be lying if I said I am not scared to go.  I'm afraid it will bring back memories that are so incredibly painful that I don't want to remember. But we must go and we must do this. Anna needs someone to listen and pay attention.  She deserves it. So I'm putting my emotions aside and taking her tomorrow to where she needs to be. Please say a prayer for all of us- for her, for me, and for the Dr. We need answers. 


  1. You are doing the right thing-absolutely! You are a wonderful mom, full of knowledge and nothing but pure love for your daughter. You are her only advocate...
    I pray this new visit brings relief, not pain; knowing she'll get on a better path and you, less worry. Great job, mama!