Sunday, November 24, 2013

Well Done Faithful Servant

This man was perhaps the best grandfather in the history of grandfathers. As a child I didn't get to see him as much as I wish I could have been we saw him at least four or five times a year.  We lived too far away but my parents did their best to make sure we saw him as often as we could.  He loved to tell stories and to laugh.  And when he would laugh his cheeks would become a rosy red and he would light up the room.  He took me skiing on both snow and water.  He owned grocery stores and he let me pretend I worked there.  It was back in the day when you used a price gun to place a little white sticker with a price on each item.  I always tried to impress him with how fast I could place those stickers.  He let my sister and I climb on boxes and we could have more fun in that store than any playground could ever offer.  And after the store closed at night while he was counting money and figuring how the day had gone my sister and I would see who could produce the longest cash register receipt tape.  I live in a fairly small town and it happens to be the one he had his stores in.  I've never found a person in this town who had a bad word to say about him- even those who never knew we were related.  What you hear is person after person telling of how he helped them through a dark time and made sure their family didn't go hungry.  He went to church on Sundays but more important than that was the way he lived his life every day, Sunday or not.  Over the last few years Parkinson's robbed him of so much.  It robbed me too of more good times with him.  One thing it couldn't take though was the love I had for him.  I'm certain he's in heaven now and no longer suffering.  And I'm certain that when he arrived there he heard the words,"Well done my faithful servant, welcome home."  RIP Pipi.  You will be missed.  Weldon Thurman Scivally 6/29/32-11/7/13

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