Tuesday, September 15, 2009

About That Whole Feeding Clinic Thing

I am trying desperately to not be a non complaint parent or the reason for any of my daughter's problems or the reason she doesn't get better but here is where I draw the line. I got a call tonight from one of the therapists at the feeding clinic at Our Children's House at Baylor where Dr. O had referred us. The therapist was asking me questions about Anna's eating and weight and failure to thrive and so on. I really did my best to downplay things because Kenneth nor I either one are any too excited about it. So the girl tells me they are booked until December but that she feels Anna cannot wait that long and that she wants to see her within the next couple of weeks for an evaluation. She says she will mail me the paperwork today and when I get it to get it filled out and faxed back ASAP and that as soon as they have a cancellation they will get her in. I am ok with that. Then she asks how far it is. I said we are 45 minutes from Denton and then however much further it is to Grapevine and she says, "Oh, we aren't in Grapevine, we are in Dallas." Yeah, downtown Dallas. Then she informs me that she feels Anna will need intensive therapy which consists of a 4 week inpatient program. Uh, nope, here is where we draw the line. I will not tear this family apart for a month for any therapy. It has taken us almost 2 years to rebuild what was broken with Carly from the previous hospitalization and I will not do it again, not when I have a choice. I fail to see how taking a kid out of her normal environment will help her learn to eat. Then there is the cost- 10% of a 4 week inpatient stay is too much. If these are our choices I'll take the G tube. Call me non complaint but this is crazy...


  1. I'm not really sure where you are but would OU Childrens be any closer? And do they offer any home health options? I don't see why they couldn't send nurses out to help with some things at home. I understand you not wanting to have all the stress of a 4 week inpatient. Thats alot for the kids. :(

  2. 4 week in patient??? That sounds crazy! How does that teach them to eat in the real world??

    Hope you find a more reasonable solution. (((HUGS)))